Beware of Florida Alligators!

Mention the word alligator and many people become frozen in fear!  Unlike its cousin the crocodile, however, there is really no reason to be afraid of alligators.  They usually only feed at night, are by nature afraid of humans and only eat small critters that wander too close to them!  A few of our communities are near small lakes that should have alligators in them.  If you can find them, they are not one of the shy ones, meaning they may have been fed by humans, thereby associating humans with food.  This is of course a bad idea, and you want to stay away from any alligator who seems to have an interest in you!  Especially the ones that are your size or larger!

Orlando Beaches, Lakes, and Springs

Orlando is about an hour from each of the Florida coasts – the Atlantic to the east with its great surfing, and the calmer Gulf waters to the west.  The type of beach you go to will depend on the activities you and/or your family will want to enjoy.  After you hit a beach or two, you may want to check out our inland freshwater lakes and springs, especially if you are a diver.  And the really adventurous diver may want to try some inland cave diving – exploring the vast underground rivers and springs that crisscross the state!