Can I save money by renting a Disney area vacation rental home without a pool?

Absolutely!  Private pools are expensive for management companies to operate and maintain!  So if you are not going to use it, you can save a bundle by looking for a Disney area vacation rental without a pool.  Finding one, however, can be tricky because most homes built specifically for the vacation rental home market are built with private pools, and, sometimes, attached spas as well.

Some websites, like ours at Our Florida Concierge will have “no pool” in their search terms to narrow down your results.  Others will have a search term for “Condo” or “Condominium”.  Failing that, you can sort by price.  The cheapest rentals are probably the smallest number of bedrooms and/or may not contain a private pool.

While you will be saving money, you will not be giving up much, as Disney area vacation rental homes without private pools are usually located in communities that have community pools and play areas.  As a guest of the home, you are free to use these facilities if the need arises.  Some families, in fact, prefer the community pools over the private ones.

WH pool

So happy shopping for your Orlando vacation rental home.  You now know that you can save a few dollars by looking for a home without a pool.  After all, why pay for something if you are not going to use it!

Why should I care about a South facing pool in Orlando vacation house rentals?

As you surf for suitable Orlando vacation house rentals  for your family, you may see features such as “South facing pool”, or “West facing pool”.  Should you care about this?  Maybe so, maybe not.  It really depends on what you and your family are planning on doing during your stay in Orlando.

Virtually all Orlando vacation house rentals have a private pool for your enjoyment!WW01Lanai The pool is usually located in the back of the house and is surrounded by a screened in Lanai.  Some visitors seek out South facing pools so that when Orlando is having cooler temperatures or windy winter days, the pool deck is warm enough for tanning, especially since cooler winds tend to come from the North and will largely get blocked by the house.

If this is important to you depends on how much time you will be sitting by the pool vs. visiting the parks and the other Orlando attractions.  It also depends on what time of near you come (during the winter months we will get some cooler days on occasion) and how much sun you want.

Most South facing pools have some shade so that you can escape from the sun in the hot summer months or when you no longer wish to tan.  And most Orlando vacation house rentals that aren’t advertised as South facing usually have some portion of the pool deck in the sun for much of the day.

So, you may or may not care about a South facing pool in your Orlando vacation house rental but rest assured you will have plenty of sun during your visit to Sunny Orlando!

What’s with the fence around the pool at Disney area vacation rentals?

If you have stayed at Disney area vacation rentals in the past you may have had a home with a fence around the pool.  This is for the safety of young children and is one of two options owners have to stay in compliance with Florida state law.

vacation rental home pool fence

The other option is an alarm that sounds if a door between the home and pool is opened.  To keep the alarm from sounding, someone tall enough 🙂 needs to press a button near the door prior to opening it.  We show this method in one of our home tour videos.  There are pluses and minuses to either method but if installed and used properly, both methods will safeguard your children!

Some of the OurFloridaConcierge Disney area vacation rentals have the fence option and some have the buzzer option.

For families with older children, the fence can be easily rolled up and placed into a corner, leaving the pool deck surface unobstructed.  So either with a fence or without, you can be sure that your small children will be safe during your stay at Disney area vacation rentals!

Vacation pool homes in Orlando Florida…is Saltwater Good?

Did you know that some people find saltwater pools to be gentler on the skin and eyes?  Next time you are booking vacation pool homes in Orlando Florida for your holiday you might want to give one a try!


While the term saltwater conjures up the gritty feeling you have when you exit the ocean, this really isn’t the case with a saltwater pool.  Saltwater pools have only a tenth of the salinity of the ocean – in fact you can barely taste the salt in the water.  And while there still is chlorine in the water, the levels are much lower and more consistent than most chlorine pools.  You can give one a try here… check out one of our vacation pool homes in Orlando Florida with a saltwater pool.


Or call the pros at OurFloridaConcierge to get more information about vacation pool homes in Orlando Florida!

Pool Heat for Florida Pools: What to Do as a Renter?

We sometimes field questions from vacationers on whether they should order pool or spa heat when renting one of our vacation homes.  During the hot summer months (May through October) pool heat is not necessary, (and, in fact, disabled on our website since the pool will already be hot enough!), but you may want spa heat for a nice soak after a busy day walking the parks!  During the cooler months (November to April) you will need to order pool heat if 70 degrees (21 C) is too cold for you and your family.  If you do order pool heat, we will attempt to get the pool to around 85 degrees (29 C).  When we have cool evenings make sure to put on the pool blanket to keep all of that nice warmth in the water for a warm morning swim!