Quality of service?

Yesterday I was turning over one of the villas that I manage to another property management company, as the home was changing ownership.  As I was going through my checklist, I asked the new management company if they wanted me to change out the code on the key lock box and the code on the house alarm for the incoming guest.

His answer should not have surprised me! “You visit the house, do an inspection and change out the codes before every visitor arrives?  We have 60 homes and are FAR too busy to do this!”

When relaying this to my husband, who teaches business, he said “They have chosen a business model that provides a lower quality of service than you provide. This helps them maximize their profits.”

Unfortunately this “business model” usually permeates through the entire management company. Visitors to those homes will likely see poorly maintained homes, dirty pools, dirty garages, clutter, etc.  And worse yet, poor customer service when a problem arises for the vacationer.  This has been proven time and again when a poorly run management company has ruined a family’s vacation.

Unhappy Customer

So before you book that Disney area vacation home for your holiday, I encourage you to get to know the management company that manages the house, and ask a few tough questions on how they run their business.  You will be glad you did!

Happy hunting!

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