Overwhelmed by search results while using VRBO and Home Away?

I was talking to a vacationer the other day who found one of our Disney area vacation rental homes using VRBO and rented the home directly from the owner.  While his result was excellent (he found one of our great homes, after all!), he mentioned that using VRBO to find the perfect home was a lot of work and a bit overwhelming!


For example, a quick search today of VRBO Orlando vacation homes yields almost 8,000 listings.  So I put in the sample travel dates of the first week in August 2014 which narrowed it down to 4,000 homes.  By using a filter for 4 bedrooms, I cut it down to 1300 homes.  Still a lot to sift through.  If you click “advanced search” a dashboard of filters worthy of launching the space shuttle comes up!  While useful, I still won’t know the actual community the homes are located in without some additional work.  (If I know enough to click on “Davenport”, “Kissimmee” or “Clermont” I can see the actual community near Disney I might be interested in.)  If I simply scroll through the listings, as the vacationer I was talking to mentioned, every home says “close to Disney” so that location description really isn’t useful!

So is there an easier way?  Sure!  Call me!  While VRBO and HomeAway are great for homeowners who want to advertise their properties, it is not really “easy one stop shopping” for the consumer looking for an Orlando vacation.  By talking to a property manager who has dozens of homes that they oversee, you can learn first hand about all the pros and cons of particular communities, floor plans, and amenities such as pools, spas and game rooms.  And we can tailor your search very quickly to what is most important to you (proximity to Disney, West facing pool, etc).

As a bonus, by talking to me or a similar property manager with many homes under management, you can save time by booking a property or getting pricing and availability on the spot.  Most homes listed on VRBO and HomeAway do not have “live” calendars and bookings, meaning you have to go back and forth with the owner via email to find out if the home is available for your dates of travel.  And those that do have online booking still make you wait up to 24 hours to confirm that the vacation home you selected is definitely booked for your requested dates.

So, next time you are frustrated with your online search for a Disney area vacation rental, give me a call!

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