What to do if your Orlando vacation rental home is “double booked”!

Now that the crazy Christmas season is behind us, I have time to pass along some information that might help you out of a jam.  More than once my phone rang over the holidays and on the other end of the line was some poor vacationer who showed up at their Disney area vacation rental home only to find that it was already occupied!  Calls to the owner or the management company got an “oops we’re sorry!”  So they tried calling around to see if they could find someplace to stay.


First off, with modern technology (specifically good scheduling software) this should never happen.  But mistakes do happen, especially when owners and management companies are not “on the same page” and are using separate master calendars.

So, back to the original question – what to do if you are double booked?  Of course you will call the owner or the management company that you booked with and see if they have any similar properties they can move you to.  If not, my next call would be to the local management companies, especially the ones that have lots of homes under management.  You can use Google or Craigslist to get some numbers to call.  Keep calling down the list until you get a live human being on the phone.

To avoid this mad scramble altogether, you may want to check on the reputation of who you are dealing with before you book your next vacation.  Read website reviews, read the terms and conditions of the booking – in other words, do your homework!  If you are traveling during a busy holiday season, you may also want to call a month or so ahead to make sure you have the property booked properly. Oh, and next time book with us!  Happy vacation shopping!

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