Why do user reviews vary so widely in the same Disney area vacation rental home neighborhood?

I was talking to my brother-in-law the other day, who was using the Internet to research places to stay in Myrtle Beach for a family vacation.  He needed several units close together, so was searching for something appropriate.  He is a sophisticated Internet user and has booked several properties over the years for similar vacations, including a Disney area vacation rental before I had gotten into the business.


He was surprised that one building which had dozens of rental units yet the consumer reviews were all over the place.  One of the units he was looking at had glowing vacationer reviews, while the one right next door sounded like a nightmare, at least based on consumer website postings.

I surmised he was probably seeing the results of good and bad property managers (assuming the owners used property managers to look over the properties).  In fact, the villa he finally chose, was owned by someone in Ohio, so that lucky owner had a great property manager which generated great reviews on the website.

You might be wondering what a property manager has to do with the vacationer experience, especially if you are booking directly from the owner.

Well, unless the owner lives right next door and manages the property themselves, the owner is reliant on someone to make sure the unit has been properly cleaned.  Maintenance issues must be addressed quickly and effectively.  If you have trouble entering the property during your stay or have maintenance issues while you are there, you should be able to easily get a hold of the property manager to get the issue addressed.  A good property manager will be a phone call away and will quickly and effectively handle any issues.

In summary, since I have been in the business for a while, I am not surprised that vacation rental units side by side in the same building (or neighborhood, for that matter) could have widely differing user reviews!  Do yourself a favor and book your next Disney area vacation rental from a reputable company like Our Florida Concierge!

So how many Disney area vacation rental homes are there to choose from?

Good question!  Believe it or not there are something like 15,000 vacation homes in the Disney area to choose from!  Really!  The Brits basically started this industry just outside of Orlando two decades ago.  Most U.S. vacationers are still unfamiliar with the vacation rental home market and tend to gravitate to hotels.

In the Disney area, scores of communities bordering the Disney property were built to satisfy the demand for Brits looking to own a piece of Florida.  Many of them rent them out to vacationers to help cover their operating costs.  Property managers like Our Florida Concierge maintain the homes and some help with marketing the properties as well.

American vacationers are starting to catch on that this industry exists, however, and have started saving themselves money (and getting nicer accommodations as well) by skipping the hotel and opting for one of the 15,000 Disney area vacation homes instead.

With that many choices, we realize that your research on finding the right property for your needs can be daunting!  Of course we recommend that you consult with a property manager like Our Florida Concierge who has a nice inventory of Disney area vacation home properties and can steer you in the right direction, either online or via the telephone.

So surf by or call us and start planning that dream Disney area vacation!