Who is doing the shopping for Disney area vacation rentals?

So who is doing the shopping for Disney area vacation rentals?  Men?  Women? Young people?  Older folks?  Our hit statistics can shed some light on this fun (yet not too important!) topic!

A look at the statistics generated from our main Website, OurFloridaConcierge, shows that almost 15% of our traffic comes in on mobile phones.  Another 15% comes in on tablets.  While we don’t know the age of the visitor, we can take an educated guess that most of the mobile phone users skew to a younger demographic.


Perhaps more telling are our Youtube statistics.  Youtube takes a crack at identifying the gender and age of it’s users, probably by keeping track of what else you looked at online.  Someone shopping for women’s apparel is probably female!  And most guns ‘n ammo Web surfers are probably male.  We would love to know how Youtube guesses your age – shopping at Rue 21 vs. Talbots, perhaps?

At any rate, our Youtube stats year to date show our visitors are 58% female and 42% male.  The ages of our visitors break out as follows:

25 to 34: 7% of our visitors

35 to 44: 37% of our visitors

45 to 54: 27% of our visitors

55 to 64: 29% of our visitors

The gender of these visitors are roughly half female and half male by age group.

So what do we do with this information?  Since there aren’t a lot of surprises here (based on who calls our reservation line looking for Disney area vacation rentals) probably not too much beyond a little tailoring of our online marketing campaign.  Not terribly useful but fun nonetheless!

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