What can I expect to pay in taxes on top of the rental rate on my Disney vacation rental home?

Smart Disney vacation shoppers book accommodations at a Disney vacation rental home vs. a hotel to maximize their vacation dollars.  But don’t be surprised when the total rental amount you are asked to pay is a bit higher than the advertised rental rate.  Why? Orlando vacation rental homes are taxed at between 11 and 13%, just like hotels!  This article will shed some light on this tax and how it may affect your vacation budgeting.money graphic

First off, know that every Disney vacation rental home needs to apply for a hotel license with both the State of Florida and the county where the home is located.  The state then collects 7% sales tax on every gross rental.  The counties also add a “tourist” tax just like on hotel rooms.

Disney vacation rental homes located in Osceola county (south of Disney) charge an additional 6%, bringing the total tax you will pay to 13%.  (This total tax is usually collected on all items “rented” at the time of booking -cribs, grills, etc).

Polk County (south and west of Disney) collects 5% in tourist tax, bringing your total tax outlay to 12% for vacation rental homes in Polk County.

Lake County (west of Disney) collects 4% in tourist tax, bringing the total tax bill added on to the gross rental to 11%.

So, on a typical Disney vacation rental home week, there might be a difference of $30 or so in taxes depending on the home’s location.  This county by county difference of course will increase for longer stays.

So, regardless of whether you choose a Disney vacation rental home in Osceola, Polk or Lake county, here’s to you having  the family vacation of a lifetime!

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