What’s with the fence around the pool at Disney area vacation rentals?

If you have stayed at Disney area vacation rentals in the past you may have had a home with a fence around the pool.  This is for the safety of young children and is one of two options owners have to stay in compliance with Florida state law.

vacation rental home pool fence

The other option is an alarm that sounds if a door between the home and pool is opened.  To keep the alarm from sounding, someone tall enough 🙂 needs to press a button near the door prior to opening it.  We show this method in one of our home tour videos.  There are pluses and minuses to either method but if installed and used properly, both methods will safeguard your children!

Some of the OurFloridaConcierge Disney area vacation rentals have the fence option and some have the buzzer option.

For families with older children, the fence can be easily rolled up and placed into a corner, leaving the pool deck surface unobstructed.  So either with a fence or without, you can be sure that your small children will be safe during your stay at Disney area vacation rentals!

What is the best way to purchase Disney tickets when staying at Orlando area vacation rentals?

If you are booking your Disney area lodging, travel, and entertainment separately, you have several choices for purchasing your Disney tickets.

You can log onto the Disney website and buy them there for delivery or pick up at the will call booth.

You can ask the management company that specializes in Orlando area vacation rentals  if they have any Disney discounts.

Or you can purchase them on the side of the road near the Disney entrances.

We recommend one of the first two methods.

If you are planning on a two day visit or less, the cheapest method is to buy them directly from Disney and pick them up at the will call upon arrival.  But get there early before the lines develop!  If you are planning to visit for three days or more, local property management companies like OurFloridaConcierge  that handle Orlando area vacation rentals is probably your best bet.

Like most local companies who specialize in Orlando area vacation rentals, OurFloridaConcierge has a business agreement with the major Disney ticket distributor in the area.  If you choose to purchase through us, we will send you to a special website with a reference code that will save you up to 20% on your tickets for visits of three days or more.ATS 215x215Web banner

As for buying tickets from vendors on the side of the road?  Well, we prefer our guests use the official Disney approved methods to avoid any surprises.  Happy shopping!