Where exactly are holiday rental villas in Orlando located?

When searching for holiday rental villas in Orlando you are probably seeing towns like Davenport, Kissimmee, and Clermont in the search results.  Perhaps you have never heard of these towns and are a bit confused.  Here is some help.
All of these places are South and West of Orlando proper, and in fact South and West of Disney as well.  These are the communities that have been approved to offer private Orlando vacation home rentals.
Part of the confusion is that these names don’t really refer to compact little towns, but really the counties that they are in.  You can spend a week in the area and never drive through Davenport, Kissimmee or Clermont proper, although your vacation rental home is listed as being located in one of these towns!
Kissimmee refers to vacation rental homes in Osceola county and closely borders the Disney property to the South and East.  It is only a sliver of land, though.  Directly south of that is Davenport, which really refers to holiday rental villas in Polk County.   West of the Disney property is Clermont, which is located in Lake county.
If you look closely at our interactive map, you will see the Polk/Ocsceola county line near route 27 and then again just above where 27 hits I-4.  If you look at the intersection of 27 and 192, you will see the Orange/Lake/Osceola/Polk border (referred to as Four Corners).  So, when you see Davenport, Kissimmee and Clermont, interpret that as Polk, Osceola and Lake county areas that are close to Disney!
Regardless of your choice of area, rest assured that all holiday rental villas in Orlando are close to Disney and the other attractions!  Happy hunting!

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