Why you should book your Disney area vacation home rental separately from the rest of your vacation!

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World and the other Orlando attractions?  While it might be tempting to purchase an all inclusive package of tickets, transportation and lodging, you may want to think again!
While tour operators CAN offer decent discounts by bundling disparate services together, you are taking a chance on what you are really getting.   For instance, you might be promised a “five bedroom Disney area vacation home rental”, but do you know the condition of the home?  The neighborhood?  How well the home is maintained?  Of course not.  And neither do the people who sold you the package.  In fact, when they sold you the package, they didn’t even know yet what home they were going to put you in.

You see, the tour operators do not maintain all of the homes they bundle with your package.  They find Disney area vacation home rentals maintained by companies like OurFloridaConcierge  to complete the package.  And there is the rub.  Not all companies are created equal, nor is their stewardship of the Disney area vacation homes under their purview.
In fact, we have had vacationers staying next to the very ones that we maintain ask us if we had any homes available that they could move into.  Immediately.  Why?  Because the Disney area vacation rental home they were put into was not properly maintained.  Or cleaned.  Or otherwise suitable for their needs.
A far better way to plan your vacation is to book your travel tickets and your accommodations separately.  Ask to talk to the owner of the property management company.  Look at pictures of the property and ask if they are current.  Watch the video walkthroughs of the property to make sure the accommodations are acceptable.  And take a look at the information on the Disney area vacation home rental community.  You’ll be glad you did!  And surely you’ll sleep better!

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