Why stay in an Orlando area vacation home rental vs. a hotel for your Disney vacation?

When planning that perfect vacation to Orlando to see the parks and enjoy the great weather, you have the choice of staying in a hotel or an Orlando area vacation home rental.  While a hotel might be the quick and easy choice, an Orlando area vacation home rental gives you more options and may be a better value.

When staying in a hotel, you can expect to pay between $100 and $200 a night.  For the same price or less, you can have your own Orlando area vacation home rental with a private heated pool!  For example, this private home for rent comes to less than $150 a night in the middle of winter including a heated pool!  And you can cut that cost in half by sharing it with another family, since the home has 4 bedrooms, including 2 master suites and sleeps 10 people!

Private Orlando vacation home for rent with heated pool

Depending on your group, you might want to look for an Orlando area vacation home rental with a private spa or three master suites or maybe even a home with separate quarters for the in-laws!
Staying in an Orlando area vacation home rental also provides the added value of your own kitchen.  You can save hundreds of dollars by cooking your own meals, and you might save a bit of time as well.

Orlando vacation rental home with kitchen

Whatever features you decide on, I think you will find that in a lot of cases a vacation home is a better value and maybe even more fun than a couple of hotel rooms!

Finding Orlando Vacation Rental Homes by Owner

When searching the Internet for Orlando vacation rental homes by owner, you will find thousands upon thousands of homes for rent.  Some are by owner, some are by management company, and some are just come ons for other things people are trying to sell you.

In our experience as a property management company, we advise would-be vacationers to keep one important question in mind: while all houses may look great on the website, how well is the home really being maintained?  While an owner might rent you their Orlando vacation rental home, they are more than likely relying on a management company to maintain the home properly.  You might ask the owner who the management company is and what their experience is with that company.  You might also look for reviews and customer feedback on the management company website (for example, take a look at the valuable feedback posted on one specific OurFloridaConcierge rental home, at the bottom of the page here).

If you rent a vacation home in Orlando from a management company directly, you might also wish to look for customer reviews and feedback, ask to talk to the owner, or ring up the management company on the phone and see how professional they sound.  And ask them how clean their villas are kept!

So when searching for Orlando vacation homes for rent by owners, keep these simple thoughts in mind to ensure you have a vacation of a lifetime!  Take a look at OurFloridaConcierge.com, which offers web bookings for Orlando vacation rental homes by owner.

Vacation pool homes in Orlando Florida…is Saltwater Good?

Did you know that some people find saltwater pools to be gentler on the skin and eyes?  Next time you are booking vacation pool homes in Orlando Florida for your holiday you might want to give one a try!


While the term saltwater conjures up the gritty feeling you have when you exit the ocean, this really isn’t the case with a saltwater pool.  Saltwater pools have only a tenth of the salinity of the ocean – in fact you can barely taste the salt in the water.  And while there still is chlorine in the water, the levels are much lower and more consistent than most chlorine pools.  You can give one a try here… check out one of our vacation pool homes in Orlando Florida with a saltwater pool.


Or call the pros at OurFloridaConcierge to get more information about vacation pool homes in Orlando Florida!

Florida Vacation Homes: Spa vs Hot Tub?

We have many vacationers at our homes request a hot tub or spa.  In the U.S. most people think of a hot tub as a stand-alone unit with water at a constant and very hot temperature.  The only controls needed are to turn on and off the jets.  Most Florida vacation rental homes, however, have the hot tub integrated into the pool system.  There is a separate round well of water that sits a bit above the pool with the spa water flowing into the pool.  The spa remains the same temperature as the pool until you turn the timer on, which redirects all of the heat to the spa and turns the jets on.  Give one a try on your next Orlando vacation!

Pool Heat for Florida Pools: What to Do as a Renter?

We sometimes field questions from vacationers on whether they should order pool or spa heat when renting one of our vacation homes.  During the hot summer months (May through October) pool heat is not necessary, (and, in fact, disabled on our website since the pool will already be hot enough!), but you may want spa heat for a nice soak after a busy day walking the parks!  During the cooler months (November to April) you will need to order pool heat if 70 degrees (21 C) is too cold for you and your family.  If you do order pool heat, we will attempt to get the pool to around 85 degrees (29 C).  When we have cool evenings make sure to put on the pool blanket to keep all of that nice warmth in the water for a warm morning swim!

Orlando Weather: What it Means For You

Besides the theme parks and beaches, why else do tourists flock to Orlando?  The weather, of course!  Summers can be hot and sticky but with the afternoon thunderstorms the temperature is quickly brought down to reasonable temperatures.  The cooler months, however, are glorious as the humidity leaves and the temperatures moderate, and it seems the sunshine is endless!  Expect little rain and lots of sunshine from October to April, the opposite of the gray, rain and snow in much of the northern U.S. and Europe.  Perfect for visiting the parks but sometimes a touch too cool for swimming in the ocean.  The middle of January has our coolest weather, but the average daytime high is still 70 degrees (21 C)!  Plan your getaway today!

Florida Hurricanes: something to worry about?

Visitors to Florida seem fascinated by Hurricanes and rightly so.  We have had our fair share of these nasty weather events, although the last big one hit New York and New Jersey instead!  In the Orlando area we are far enough away from the coasts that when one comes through, its impact is typically muted compared to the coasts.  In fact, Disney has only closed a few times due to hurricanes.  That said, if a hurricane is imminent, you will want to watch it closely, since while the theme parks may stay open, the airports and other travel services may be closed.

Beware of Florida Alligators!

Mention the word alligator and many people become frozen in fear!  Unlike its cousin the crocodile, however, there is really no reason to be afraid of alligators.  They usually only feed at night, are by nature afraid of humans and only eat small critters that wander too close to them!  A few of our communities are near small lakes that should have alligators in them.  If you can find them, they are not one of the shy ones, meaning they may have been fed by humans, thereby associating humans with food.  This is of course a bad idea, and you want to stay away from any alligator who seems to have an interest in you!  Especially the ones that are your size or larger!