Other stuff to do in Orlando?

When most tourists think of Orlando, they think of sun and fun and the amusement parks – rightly so!  But did you know we also have plenty of other great things to do, both indoors and out?  We have beaches only an hour away, of course, plus museums, hang gliding, indoor and outdoor parachuting, river tubing, echo tourism, zip lines, ATV riding, nature walks, boutique shopping, wineries, breweries – the list is endless! You can get some more ideas here…

Orlando Beaches, Lakes, and Springs

Orlando is about an hour from each of the Florida coasts – the Atlantic to the east with its great surfing, and the calmer Gulf waters to the west.  The type of beach you go to will depend on the activities you and/or your family will want to enjoy.  After you hit a beach or two, you may want to check out our inland freshwater lakes and springs, especially if you are a diver.  And the really adventurous diver may want to try some inland cave diving – exploring the vast underground rivers and springs that crisscross the state!

What to Know About House Damage Waivers

What’s a house damage waiver?  Fairly new to the industry, this is an insurance policy that replaces the security deposit to cover any damage you or your guests may do to a home while renting it.  It saves arranging for the deposit itself and covers more damage than most deposits would cover.  Some management companies require a house damage waiver and others make it optional, but we think it’s a great idea – simpler, easier and more comprehensive than a security deposit!

Vacation Homes: Maximum Occupancy

How many visitors can stay in the vacation home I have rented?  This is an easy one – Florida law allows two people per bedroom, plus two more if there is a sleeper sofa or other temporary quarters available.  Most websites will list not only the number of bedrooms, but also the legal capacity, so start your search there (along with your vacation dates, of course!)